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Financial Solutions

Feel the Magic of Fraud Prevention

15 Nov 2018
A number of top executives from the Banking and other major Spanish industries gathered on Tuesday evening at the famous Hotel Wellington in Madrid to gain valuable insights into Behavioral Biometrics and Advanced Analytics. This event, focusing...
Financial Solutions
15 Nov 2018

Feel the Magic of Fraud Prevention

A number of top executives from the Banking and other major Spanish industries gathered on Tuesday evening at the famous Hotel Wellington in Madrid to gain valuable insights into Behavioral Biometrics and Advanced Analytics. This event, focusing...
  • 14 Nov 2018

    Online fraud protection measures have side effects

    A significant portion of many online merchants’ turnovers are lost to fraudsters. New technologies may offer solutions.

    In an interview with the German news channel n-tv, our Senior Vice President Fraud Management Robert Holm highlights the importance of the balance between security and convenience in fraud prevention. How critical has the problem of online fraud become nowadays? The financial damages for merchants are enormous. Payment defaults resulting from fraud now represent one to three percent of a company’s turnover. In addition, each fraud case...
  • 31 Oct 2018

    What do you do when your customers don’t pay up?

    A missed payment doesn’t necessarily mean a bad customer, however it’s important for you as company owner to know how to get unpaid invoices paid without jeopardising your relationship with your customer. It’s also important to understand what all the different terms mean so that you don’t get lost when you come across terms like payment orders, debtors and limitation. With over 40 years of debt collection experience, we know what...
  • 22 Oct 2018

    Retain customers despite dunning process?

    When it comes to unpaid invoices, people are quick to reduce the service level to the minimum necessary. Because the good customers who pay for services quickly and reliably are at the center of day-to-day business, and nobody wants to invest any more in supposedly bad customer relationships. But an unpaid invoice can often be the result of a short-term payment difficulty or a forgotten invoice - because life can sometimes be turbulent, which is...
  • 19 Oct 2018

    Excellence in compliance

    Julia Lannerheim, Risk and compliance officer, Arvato B2C Finance, has been included on Legal 500’s prestigious list of Sweden’s 80 best in-house lawyers. Julia joined Arvato in spring 2017, and has a background at Nordic payment firm Bambora, the Swedish bank SEB, and at Vinge a top-tier law firm, based in Stockholm. Working at Arvato When I started at Arvato, it was the combination of an innovative business-building spirit, and the...
  • 10 Oct 2018

    Not throwing good after bad

    This is how e-commerce companies can avoid additional effort and costs in accounts receivable management in cases of fraud or false identity - and also improve risk management at the same time. Collection and e-commerce - a very dynamic issue that has concerned me as a Key Account in the field of receivable management for many years. On the one hand, the focus is always on retaining the customer in the best possible way, especially when there...
  • 12 Sep 2018

    International expansion and risk of fraud

    Woman hand using mobile phone, Worldwide connection technology interface.

    Today, driven by the massive growth in online retail, fraud management has had to go well beyond establishing the creditworthiness of a buyer to also encompass validating their identity. The situation becomes even more complex for e-retailers looking to do business in multiple markets. Firstly, international expansion brings with it higher payment processing volumes and therefore greater exposure to fraud. Secondly, market-specific regulation...
  • 10 Sep 2018

    “It is the fine-tuning that is the key”

    Some of the challenges facing businesses that sell to other businesses, often called B2B companies, are different than those for businesses that sell to consumers: the process until the transaction is closed is longer, there are more people involved in the decision on the customer’s side and there is a need for a deeper dialogue and a greater understanding of the customer’s needs. Even if there are many parallels between digital sales for...
  • 05 Sep 2018

    Online to new markets?

    World map showing connections, illustration.

    In the last decade or so the way we all buy goods and services has been transformed. The retail landscape has changed beyond recognition with the new reality bringing both opportunities and challenges to retailers. For online retailers - whose marketplace, theoretically, is unlimited - strategic expansion into new markets is often seen as the key to growth and profitability. But while the internet may be effectively ubiquitous, localized market...
  • 03 Sep 2018

    Farewell geoblocking – EU-wide shopping becomes borderless

    This is almost an early Christmas present for us EU citizens. From 3 December, the barriers to online shopping from other countries will be removed. Geoblocking will be a thing of the past. The French or Polish will be able to shop from a German online store and deliveries will have to be made to them in the same way as to buyers based in Germany, and vice versa. So I will finally be able to order by favorite wine directly from France and will no...