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05 Nov 2015

500 days of PAY, 50 days of Nordic Finance Blog

.. and more will come, with the strive to deliver key insights to our partners and clients

Anniversaries are great milestones, giving us an opportunity for celebration and reflection. And two of our communications initiatives are marking milestones this week.

The first is PAY magazine, which has been reaching out to the Nordic market for 500 days, while the youngest child of the family, our Nordic Finance Blog, has just reached the 50-day mark. Both channels provide insights into how we at arvato Financial Solutions work to deliver solutions to our clients using a partnership-based approach in our many markets all around the world, and look at trends and changes affecting business.

As one example of this change, we are seeing the digital age have an ever-increasing effect on the world of financial services. Buzzwords such as FinTech, fraud protection, digital wallets and crowd-funding are everywhere, and the market is starting to adopt many of these trends and introducing them into everyday services. The players in the background today are a diverse set of companies: traditional banks seeking their way into a transforming industry, tech companies seeking a future in finance, and finally the vivid and vibrant segment of start-ups.

This tremendous blend of players, and the rapid change facing the entire business world, makes it even more important to have good insights, insights that enable market participants to make informed decisions for growing their business. At arvato Financial Solutions Nordics, we combine our extensive experience from diverse finance markets around the globe with the reflection of local experts who can translate industry trends into Nordic business needs, and then share those insights with our partners, our customers.

The two channels I mentioned earlier are part of the way we share those insights. PAY magazine is an established market medium, delivering feature and news articles with high journalistic standards. This can be seen in the awards it has received, such as Gold at the World of Media Festival in 2014 and Silver at Fox Awards just recently. The blog provides a more personal perspective, with colleagues from arvato Financial Solutions Nordic sharing their views on trends and events.

The feedback on these two channels is encouraging us to keep doing what we’re doing. The unbelievable speed of trends, ideas, companies and topics coming and going into the market makes tools such as PAY and the blog more valuable than ever. They provide the space to share our reflections, and give you insights you can use to further your own business.

If you haven’t done so yet, join us by following our insights, like the behind-the-scenes look at new ways of managing payment set-ups provided from our Jouko Tossavainen, the future-oriented outlines of recent market trends by our CEO Jan Altersten, or by a diverse set of reflections on market events such as FDIH, Kauppa2016 or E-Handel – and yes, we dare to share our opinions face-to-face!

We’d love to start discussions with you! Join us on finance.arvato.com and pay-magazine.com.

– Karsten Stracke

Chief Marketing Officer, arvato Financial Solutions Nordics

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