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14 dec 2016

AfterPay Fast Track shows it’s no one-hit wonder

If you needed further proof that AfterPay Fast Track is on a roll, it came with last weekend’s HOP! Artisan Brewery Weekend in Helsinki.

Jouko Tossavainen

Jouko Tossavainen


Showcasing craft breweries from Finland, Estonia and Italy, the festival attracted 1,000 beer lovers to Nosturi, a concert venue in the Punavuori district, for some serious beer tasting, food and music. And their enjoyment was only heightened by the speed and convenience of AfterPay Fast Track, our NFC-connected instant payment system, which let them make payments with a “tap” of their wrist.

Just like previous outings at similar events, the payment bracelets went down well with festivalgoers who loved their speed and simplicity. “At a festival like this it is way quicker and much more convenient to use your bracelet to make payments than always keeping track of your credit card or cash,” said one satisfied punter.

To make sure everything flowed smoothly several registration counters and top-up stations were set up at the door, with visitors able to load or reload their bracelet at any time using their credit or debit card.

If they still had money left on their bracelet when it was time for them to go they were given a refund.

Although it wasn’t an option this time round, we also saw how paying after delivery would have made things even smoother.

With no need for customers to check out before leaving they would simply hand in their bracelets and wait for an email listing their purchases before choosing when and how to pay. And they would have had just as much control over their spending, with the ability to top up and check their finances either online or at points of sale. We are also planning to make it possible for people to pre-register, which would do away with check-in too.

So all in all you could say there was plenty to drink to – figuratively speaking, of course.

 – Jouko Tossavainen

Business Development Manager,  Arvato Financial Solutions Finland

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