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Financial Solutions
22 Sep 2015

arvato Financial Solutions launches AfterPay in the Nordics!

Today, it’s a great day for arvato Financial Solutions Nordics – We are launching AfterPay! Take a close view on Jan Altersten’s (CEO arvato Financial Solutions Nordic) reflection on this:



What is the biggest thing driving us as consumers to shift so much of our shopping online? For me, like for so many others, the biggest is convenience.

Shopping online gives me access to products that aren’t available in the shops down the road. It lets me get prices I could otherwise only find overseas or tax-free. I can go shopping any time of the day – I can buy those spare parts for my snowblower, or that really professional gear I keep believing I´ll use in my home gym at 3 in the morning if I want. And then there are the ways we have all adapted our shopping to make the most of both online and offline. I will sometimes research a purchase online, visit a store to see the product, maybe try it out, and then order it online. Or I might decide to buy a product from a physical shop, after doing my research online. That convenience contributes to another major factor: freedom of choice. As a consumer, I get to decide where and how I buy something. That freedom of choice often guides my decision as to whether I will buy.

For many merchants, though, when it gets to making the actual purchase, the freedom of choice and convenience might be limited in terms of how I can pay for my purchase. Some offer card payments up front, sure, but I might prefer to wait until I get my product before I have to pay. Or I might want to divide my payments up over a couple of months. A lot of merchants can’t or won’t let me do that. As a consumer, I don’t get the freedom of choice I would like, and that might mean I choose not to buy.

At arvato Finanical Solultions, we believe that convenience should be part of every transaction. For both the consumer and the merchant. We think that consumers deserve the freedom of choice they demand. Convenience and freedom of choice are some of the biggest factors behind our launch today of AfterPay, our new pay-after-delivery service for merchants and consumers across our four Nordic markets.

AfterPay allows consumers to choose when, where, what and how they want to pay. The MyAfterPay portal gives them complete control of all their invoice data and options. They can choose their payment methods: paying directly, or by instalments, by bank transfer or credit/debit card, and we will be adding other methods in the near future. It removes an obstacle to the purchase. And if the product isn’t what they wanted, they can return it and get the price credited to the account they nominate. There goes another hurdle. 24/7 access to your account? Yes, another hurdle gone. Secure information? Of course! The portal gives you the safety and freedom to get professional expert advice if you have a problem or question … It is all about convenience in every step of the complete shopping experience.

AfterPay also makes sure there is freedom for merchants, to provide the payment methods they want to support, to focus on their core business instead of worrying about invoicing and credit risk and things like that (we take care of all of that). It provides them with data on purchasing behaviour, business intelligence that lets them improve their marketing and increase their sales. One of the only things they need to think about is whether to choose a branded payment solution like AfterPay, or use arvato’s White Label solution, one that makes the most out of their own strong brand. I will write about some of the factors behind those two options in a couple of weeks, and we are always happy to talk to you about the best option for your business.

AfterPay is already one of the leading payment solutions in the Netherlands, with more than 1.6 million unique users this year alone, 5,200 merchants across the country, and up to 70% of the pay-after-delivery market. It is a trusted brand with support from local staff across much of Europe.

We’re excited to be bringing AfterPay to the Nordic region, and are convinced it will bring new levels of convenience, freedom, security and simplicity to online merchants in every market, and for all of their customers. Want to know how it can help your company?

Let’s talk business.

Jan Altersten

CEO arvato Financial Solutions Nordics



AfterPay Consumer Website:





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