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28 Sep 2016

Autumn trends from DIBS and Load

Key takeaways from DIBs e-Commerce report and Load 2016.

Two sure signs of autumn in the Norwegian e-commerce market are the DIBS e-Commerce report  and Bring’s e-commerce and Bring’s retail conference Load. Both cover developments and trends in the e-commerce industry and both gets loads of attention. If you want to be a player, you can’t afford to miss them. But here’s some of the key takeouts just in case.

The latest e-commerce report from DIBS shows the Norwegian e-commerce market has grown 16% in the past year. No doubt this is a market to be in. Total revenue is over NOK 90 billion, with travel the most dominant category. Subscription services are becoming more widespread led by TV/video streaming, with music, media and food delivery services all growing in popularity. Customers want to choose their own payment methods, and it is important that online shopping is EASY, SAFE and FAST!

With shopping cart abandonment at 43% there is still some way to go in perfecting the customer journey. So how do you deliver?

Daniel Bobroff, formerly CEO of ASOS Ventures and co-founder of FashionTech Inc, told Load we had already moved from mall to mobile. But are we moving from mobile-first to mobile-only? I think we might be, but we still have a few years to go yet. It could be that a generation shift is needed, and there is a lot of talk about the millennials as digital natives. Born with a smartphone in their hand the only way to reach them and make them loyal customers is to at least be mobile-first.

So to wrap up: make the customer journey EASY, SAFE AND FAST. And when it comes to payments, let the customer decide.

We can help you with all of that.

Contact us for more information. And have a great autumn!


Download the full DIBS report here.

Jo Helge Grepstad
Sales and Marketing Director
Arvato Financial Solutions Norway

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