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27 jan 2017

Being an intern @Arvato: Meeting the founders


Patrick and Finn

Working for Arvato as a business development intern covers a bunch of elements and we can assure from our own experience that every day was kind of unique.

Business development and product portfolio management is about creating new products no other company has had so far. We were working in the fast paced payment industry in Stockholm, the innovative hub of the Nordic countries. This internship gave us room to be creative, bring in our own ideas and even shape this industry with AfterPay Fast Track.

It has been a very interesting journey. To support Arvato, we have discovered potential markets, looked at customer journeys, translated customer needs into software and product requirements and looked at all other aspects of the business model. We were actually developing a new payment solution in a live environment and got to participate in a beer festival in Helsinki, where our product was put in use. And once the work was done we were also able to dive into the rich craft beer culture of the Nordics.


Bavarian breakfast in the Stockholm office

The thing that made this very internship unique for us is that Arvato fosters entrepreneurship that allows interns to really live it and take actions. So it is not a surprise that both of us, as well as the former intern Damien, were given the opportunity to stay in the company after our internships – either working directly for the project or for other teams or countries. And since all of us believe that Arvato will continue to be innovative, successful and hence give motivated people the chance to develop further, we all decided to stick with Arvato.

Not only did we have fun at work, we also spent a lot of time with our colleagues outside the working hours. We had a pub crawl at the beginning of our internship, decided to have a Bavarian breakfast with the entire office – besides our regular weekly breakfasts – and went for burgers every now and then. So the Stockholm office really gave us a warm welcome and the co-workers are open for fun ideas besides the daily tasks and work.  

Leaving this office is kind of sad, but since all three of us will stay in the company we don´t have to say “goodbye.” Instead we say “auf Wiedersehen”. All in all if you have funny ideas for breakfast every Friday morning and if you can survive the Nordic weather, try to give it a shot and start working for Arvato. We have offices in the Nordics and all over the world. In Arvato you can stay young and foolish – but if you have the drive to achieve your goals, Arvato will support you in reaching them!

Finn Dahmke
Patrick Scharwenka
Damien Bourdonneau

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