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16 Mar 2016

Better use of data means more intelligent business

More clients using arvato BI portal and insights

Our business intelligence strategy is built on using our data both to better serve our clients’ needs and to continually improve your customer experience every step of the purchase process. Using our pay-after-delivery services should always be a pleasure for your customers, from shopping, ordering, paying and coming back to shop with you again and again.

We have previously discussed  the new “customer insights” business intelligence platform that we have introduced within our existing arvato Financial Solutions client portal. The initial objective for this platform is to securely share your data in an easy and meaningful way, helping both of us develop useful customer profiles and understand overall shopping patterns and experience. Our data can also be enriched with your own customer and payment data.


Sample Visualisation on Daily Reservations

This initial platform was developed in consultation with several existing clients: our goal all along has been to provide truly relevant business intelligence that creates real value for you. And we have seen recently that many of our clients are visiting the site regularly to run the reports and use the dashboards.

Our next challenge is to incorporate more data sources (including website user logs, invoice line information, segmentation, risk analysis and scoring) to not only give a deeper understanding of your customers, but to offer a more comprehensive set of intuitive tools for decision makers in your organisation. We want our tools to help you shape targeted strategies to drive more customers and sales through your web shops.

We are committed to continued investment in our business intelligence portal, aligning with our clients’ needs and using market-leading BI technology to provide a robust but easy-to-use BI platform. Our next release will extend and improve the initial tool set by incorporating more customised dashboards, scorecards, monitoring, advance visualisations and self-service BI while providing improved quality, performance and security.

It is important to state that we never allow any compromises when it comes to data security for either our clients or their customers with any of our online services.

We are excited about the additional insights we will discover in the near future, and about helping increase sales and satisfaction among our clients and your customers.

Brett Taylor
Development Manager – Business Intelligence

arvato Financial Solutions Nordics


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