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Financial Solutions
15 Jan 2016

Big customers trust us to deliver

And that is what we do

It takes a lot of trust for major corporations such as Telenor to outsource their debt collection to us. They expect – and demand – that we will treat their customers in a way that ensures customer retention and reduces churn. We have to prove that we are productive and profitable for our clients.

Working with large-volume customers such as Telenor is exciting. We get to work together on identifying trends, finding the optimal structure for our collaboration and conducting analysis to create a basis for decision-making on different profiles and segments. We are a discussion partner helping find the best solutions for pre-collection and debt collection. We get to learn from each other’s processes and optimise these for both companies.

We understand how significant volumes are for a player such as Telenor, in terms of cost, revenue and reputation. Small steps can lead to millions in profit.

The cases we get from Telenor are of great quality and the processes between us work really well. Good benchmarking processes are both useful and positive for us as a supplier: they challenge us to improve all the time, and come up with creative and efficient solutions when needed. We have the advantage of having worked with Telenor for many years, and it is always nice to work with a client where you have extensive knowledge about their products and services, together with their customer policy.

I am proud of having Telenor as a client. I am proud of our skilled employees who improve their results every year. And they are proud too: that is evident in the results we deliver.

This is what drives our winning culture. This is what we do.

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1 Comment
  • Farid Tavos
    2016-01-25 13:33:07

    Interesting to see arvato is moving fast in short time, this seems to be an efficient and cost saving approach Telenor is taking.