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Black Friday expectations: Absolutely surpassed

830,000 transactions in one day breaking record figures 2017

Wow, what a cyberweek. As I already suspected in my blog post on Friday, this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday surpassed last year’s sales and order figures. The online trade as well as the stationary shops outbid each other with their discount campaigns. It often started with a 20% discount and reached its peak with over 50% discount.

From the end consumer’s point of view, I was literally struck down by all the offers via mail, pop-up advertising, posters and slogans. Nevertheless, I was at first reserved and on Sunday with 20% discount still undecided whether this hype pays off at the end. Saturday and Sunday I thought that I had missed the actions and chances on the super discounts. But on Cyber Monday the online merchants added another bonus and the discounts rose to 30%. That’s when I got weak, too.

Besides the private influences, Black Friday also has a big effect for me as an employee of a financial service provider, because this year the number of orders increased again and exceeded both the values from last year and our expectations.

By comparison, we received 32% more inquiries in the e-commerce area – 830,000 transactions only on Black Friday. Even on Cyber Monday, the figure was 20%. Over the entire discount week, there were 3.5 million transactions in e-commerce this year. At peak times, a total number of 50 transactions per second counted.

This broke all records

As already described in my post on Friday, Black Friday for merchants is not just a question of the best offer. In order to leave a lasting impression on customers and to ensure their loyalty beyond the discount week, the strongest days of the year require a competent partner, because 3.5 million transactions must be processed quickly and without errors.

An important sign to our customers

While many dealers are now struggling with long delivery times, it is once again clear that the choice of the right partner is enormously important. Thanks to the professional preparations, we were able to manage the record rush completely silently and without any failure. In the coming days and weeks, we will have to stand by our customers and support them in their ongoing booking processes, returns management and fraud cases.

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