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  • 06 Dec 2016

    Should that be happy Independence Day or innovation day?

    In June our Swedish colleagues made great play out of their national day on this blog. While it is all well and good to make hay while the sun shines, it takes real character to celebrate your independence in the coldest and darkest of seasons. Finland gained its independence from Russia on this day in 1917. But to most Finns nowadays it is more about the televised ball at the Presidential...
  • 06 Jun 2016

    Swedish innovation is a true reason for celebration

    As you could read on this blog a few weeks ago, our ”little brother” and neighbor, Norway, recently celebrated its National Day (17 May) with customary pomp and circumstance. We’re living in a competitive world, and I love competition, but even I have to admit that the Norwegians win hands down when it comes to skiing but also in celebrating National Days. At least for now. We have yet to...
  • 17 May 2016

    Reflections on Norway´s National day and doing business in Norway

    Today, May 17th, marks Norway´s National day! Throughout our long-stretched country, from morning till night, we will all unite to celebrate 202 years of our constitution. This morning, I will put on my national costume from Sunnmøre, the area of western Norway where I´m from, and I will watch my two children walk in the children’s parade, joined by hundreds of ”russ” celebrating...