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Financial Solutions
  • 12 Mar 2018

    Trend-spotting at Mobile World Congress 2018

    global satellite telecommunication technology

    It’s almost hard to believe but this year was the ninth time I’ve attended Mobile World Congress (MWC). I first attended the conference back in 2005. Back then it was hosted in Cannes. And, wow, has it changed since the early days! With more than 100,000 visitors and hundreds of exhibiting companies, MWC has grown to become easily the largest mobile trade event of the year. Now held...
  • 05 Mar 2018

    How to digitalize claim processes with the aid of advanced analytics and AI

    According to a study by consulting company Accenture, 83% of German insurance companies believe that their industry will experience digital transformation over the next three years.  A study by St. Gallen University forecasts that the interaction between the customer and company throughout the customer journey will for the most part be digital by 2020. Simplify claim processes, improve digital...
  • 29 Jan 2018

    Supermarket without cash register: Amazon shows where the journey is going

    I don’t know about you, but I'm one of the many people who enjoy shopping. It has become a little ritual for me to drive to the supermarket with my children on Saturdays to get our purchases for the coming week. As I stroll along the aisles, my kids put the chocolate in the shopping cart for me, which I'll pay for later, of course. What puts a damper on our shopping experience on a regular...
  • 18 Jan 2018

    Digital transformation drives Nordic investment

    Over the years, Arvato Financial Solutions has been part of driving the transformation of outsourced services; from largely manual, back office operations to fully-integrated digital solutions. Of course, it’s not only the finance industry that has been transformed. The way we are informed and entertained has also changed profoundly. In the Nordic region, the time people spend watching...
  • 14 Dec 2017

    Finnish start-up event shines spotlight on European tech

    2017 marks the tenth year of Slush and the fourth time that I’ve attended the event, which I guess makes me a veteran, right? When I attended the very first conference it was a much smaller affair – we were only about 300 people back then. But over the years, Slush has grown to host annual conferences and events in Singapore, Shanghai, and Tokyo, that attract more than 40,000...
  • 12 Dec 2017

    SLUSH 2017: Arvato meets Solarisbank – On The Cutting Edge Of New Banking

    Open banking is already here and will continue to grow in the coming years. The EU will require banks to open up their customer data to third parties in 2018. This means banking will shift even more from being sold by one-stop-shops to being available on open platforms. The result is that customers will benefit from a more "modular" approach to banking. Already in the UK alone, there are more...
  • 08 Dec 2017

    Just how radical is PSD2 really?

    With the revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) set to come into force in the new year, much has been made of how banks will be nervously looking over their shoulders. And with good reason given that they will be forced to share their customers’ data with a host of new players looking to compete with them across a range of financial products and services. These include account information...
  • 14 Mar 2017

    Fintech @ MWC: the future will be here sooner than you think

    Technology is one of the most powerful driving forces for change in our finance industry. That has never been so obvious as at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last month, where I got to see tech and trends that will be changing your business and your life for years to come. MWC is the largest get-together for the global mobile tech industry, bringing together manufacturers and vendors,...
  • 19 Jan 2017

    2017: strap yourself in for a bumpy ride

    UPDATE: The bumpy year started off with yet another surprise, when Klarna successfully concluded its acquisition of German payments provider BillPay. After originally withdrawing its offer, as I wrote below, Klarna returned to the table and was able to close the deal. Interesting. - Jan Altersten   2017 is shaping up to be a dramatic year in many ways: the continuing story of Brexit,...
  • 14 Dec 2016

    AfterPay Fast Track shows it’s no one-hit wonder

    If you needed further proof that AfterPay Fast Track is on a roll, it came with last weekend’s HOP! Artisan Brewery Weekend in Helsinki.   Showcasing craft breweries from Finland, Estonia and Italy, the festival attracted 1,000 beer lovers to Nosturi, a concert venue in the Punavuori district, for some serious beer tasting, food and music. And their enjoyment was only heightened...