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16 Oct 2017

E-health start-up gets business off to a healthy start with AfterPay

… Liquidity shot just what the doctor ordered

At some point most of us have had to visit the emergency room at our local hospital for one thing or another. Whether it was for a broken limb or because it was the weekend and we were in too much pain or discomfort to wait until Monday to see our local GP.

Whatever the reason, it was probably a last resort as we all know how long that takes. Hours in most cases – and even then you might have to wait to see the right doctor. But if you have diabetes, multiple sclerosis, cardiovascular disease or irritable bowel syndrome, the better part of a day or night is nothing compared to several weeks waiting for an appointment with a specialist.

For those living with a chronic disease – and in Sweden there are 4.4 million people who do – that can be a near-constant source of anxiety or frustration. With the Swedish health system stretched to breaking point, acute problems understandably get priority while those who can wait are forced to clock-watch.

MediCheck is one of a wave of Swedish e-health start-ups addressing shortfalls in healthcare. Taking a leaf out of companies such as Uber and Airbnb’s books that are making the provision of essential services personalised, faster and more efficient, MediCheck has 180 specialists on call round the clock providing online consultations for a range of chronic conditions. No referrals. No waiting. No fuss. You don’t even have to pay for your visit upfront.

Like most fledgling businesses around the Nordic region, MediCheck needed a helping hand with payment processing and financing. And that’s where we could help. With AfterPay, MediCheck patients have the convenience of being able to pay by invoice, either immediately or in instalments. And MediCheck has the peace of mind that comes from knowing someone else is taking care of all the admin, making sure it gets paid directly so it has the cash needed for growth.

Sounds like the start of a healthy relationship, doesn’t it? Jacob_Wootz

Don’t wait for the next instalment – read the full case story now to find out more about how we’re helping MediCheck build up its business.

Jacob Wootz
– Online Payment Advisor, Arvato Financial Solutions

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