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17 Nov 2016

Evidently worth the wait…

It’s great to see how the interest for AfterPay Fast Track is already starting to grow – it might just be what we were all waiting for. Like an early Christmas present.

There is an expression in Swedish: “if you are waiting for something good, you can never wait too long”. Many people these days adjust it a little: If you are waiting for something good, you ALWAYS wait too long.

I have to agree with the second version. When you are really looking forward to something, even a short delay can seem like an eternity. Just ask my children when they are waiting to get their lift passes when we go skiing: every line seems to take forever, whether waiting for us to buy the passes, queuing for the lifts or grabbing snacks and drinks during the day.

It is the same at the beach in the summer, queuing to get an ice cream. Or at the amusement park. Or a football match. Why do we need to spend time standing in line when we could be enjoying our soft drink or our hot dog?

AfterPay Fast Track, our new instant payment solution launched this month in Sweden, Norway and Finland, was designed to remove that pain, giving people more time for fun. It also helps venue owners by removing the need for cash handling and improving operational efficiency.

We are already seeing a lot of interest in AfterPay Fast Track, from both businesses and the media. Ehandel.no in Norway picked up on the news, and especially how Fast Track reduced waiting times at a couple of busy festivals in Finland.

And as my colleague Claes Widarsson wrote recently, more and more players are adopting NFC (near field communication) as a simple, secure way of speeding up payments.

Our friends at Arvato in Denmark also noted a lot of interest when they used the NFC bracelets at last month’s FDIH e-commerce conference in Copenhagen. So you can expect to hear a lot more about AfterPay Fast Track in the weeks and months ahead. And you can expect to see it at nightlife venues, arenas, camping grounds, tourist attractions and ski resorts. Just think about the possibilities…it’s simply a great way to pay that gives you more time for fun, wherever you are.

Erik Sandell

– Nordic Content Marketing Manager, Arvato Financial Solutions

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