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Financial Solutions
25 Apr 2016

Flexible and innovative services in a business filled with emotions

“arvato provides user-friendly and efficient solutions”

Each day, about 2.500 parking tickets are placed on drivers’ car window in Norway – and 700.000-900.000 drivers are fined every year. The figures may seem high, but the total number of parkings every year probably exceeds 100 million, which means drivers follow rules and regulations most of the time. And with new technology and apps to help us pay for parking, we can expect the number of those fined to drop each year.

What will likely remain, though, is the frustration and annoyance we feel when we see a parking ticket on our car window. Most of us want to yell at the parking attendant, but they’re only doing their job. To be honest, I’ve probably been in the same situation – a ticket on the car window, the anger, the frustration and the feeling – “this is so wrong!”

While getting a parking ticket gives rise to many emotions, the parking business is well regulated through Parkeringsklagenemnda, which is an efficient dispute settlement body for parking fines. When new parking regulations were introduced in Norway this winter, it was huge news in AS Norway. The regulations will from 01.01.2017 secure equal rules for the public and private parking companies and that will require a lot of work from all parties involved to adapt. arvato must also make some adjustments, but I hope and believe that these new regulations will make it easier for people to understand the parking rules and park legally. At the same time, I expect it to be virtually impossible for those players who are not serious to establish themselves in what I believe is a professional business.

Many persons park illegal on purpose. We actually have numerous people in our systems that are behind more than 10 unpaid parking tickets. These individuals are naturally very time-consuming for us to handle.

arvato partners with, and provides solutions for many big parking companies. We’ve had a good cooperation with Q-Park for several years, and this week we signed a strategic and long-term agreement with Europark. For both of these companies and all other industries, arvato delivers flexible and innovative services with efficient processing of complaint handling, purchase and administration of invoice, dunning, ledger management and debt collection.

In this business, being service minded with customer complaints and having a good dialogue is crucial. Handling customer complaints is a field of its own, and we have dedicated teams to ensure such processes are handled professionally.

arvato provides solutions that are user-friendly and efficient. We make optimal use of technology and solutions to serve the 2,500 people every day who receive parking tickets on their car window. We develop our own systems and have a strategic cooperation with Giant Leap, one of Norway’s leading service providers of solutions for mobile platforms. The smart solutions we create with our partners make for an effective dialogue with our claims agents and customer service department, with copies of pictures, reasons why a ticket was given and other documentation. Our solutions include agile and direct self-service solutions, which removes a lot of the frustration and facilitates easy way to register complaints.

The parking business is developing – in Norway and internationally. arvato has the systems, technology, competence, people and strategic partners to create value, improve quality in processes and help parking companies focus on their core business of operating parking facilities.

Customer-friendly parking solutions with flexibility in every transaction.

Karl Otto Aam

Country Manager, arvato Financial Solutions Norway

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