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Focus on producing your own content or team up with people who are already producing engaging content?

… Benefits of content marketing and influencer marketing

Content marketing has been popular for a long time and it’s easy to understand why: by offering your customers and visitors relevant and engaging content, you give them a good reason to return more often, stay for longer, and become more loyal to your company and its products.

In recent years, influencer marketing – marketing that is done by partnering with influential people known as influencers – has become popular. One of the biggest success stories in recent years is the watch company Daniel Wellington, whose success is largely based on the company’s focus on influencer marketing and its social media channels.

The same can be said of poster and print e-retailer Desenio, which is growing at an incredible speed (+320% in 2016), and uses influencer marketing as a method to break into new markets and generate awareness through relevant influencer partnerships.

But is there a contradiction between content marketing and influencer marketing, in other words between investing in your own engaging content, and generating awareness with the help of influential people and the content they produce and spread?

At Arvato in Sweden, we organise webinars and breakfast meetings to help you get more knowledge so that you can grow as an entrepreneur (while we help you get paid). On June 26, we organised a webinar entitled “How to succeed with content in your own channels and externally with the help of influencers” with guest speaker Robin Stenman, CEO of influencer marketing company Tourn. And Robin and I agreed on one thing: the greatest impact is achieved when you invest in both your own content and channels and influencer partnerships. With the same theme running through them.

To expand on the above example, Daniel Wellington has not only succeeded in influencer marketing, but also in generating awareness through its own social media channels: it has 4.2 million followers on Instagram today (June 2018).

Three key benefits of content marketing:
– Traffic from new visitors and customers visiting more often or staying longer
– Increased sales from increased traffic
– Increased loyalty when you have more relevant content and offer more than just products and prices (by offering attractive content, you also move away from a one-sided focus on price)

Three key benefits of influencer marketing (partnering with influential people):
– Influencer marketing is an effective way to overcome customer fatigue and ad blocking
– Product offers from influencers can increase conversion rates (4-10 times greater than when the brand markets its own products, according to Branderati*)
– Today, leading influencers offer wider reach than traditional media

During the webinar, Robin Stenman also proposed five things to bear in mind when starting with influencer marketing:
– Allow a period of four weeks to implement an influencer marketing campaign
– Allow for a budget of at least SEK 50,000 to achieve a good effect
– Set aside time to analyse the target group
– Select your influencers carefully
– Preferably engage in long-term partnerships rather than short-term partnerships

Here you can see our webinar about content marketing and influencer marketing (in Swedish)
Here you can see a previous webinar on e-commerce and how to succeed with content and SEO (in Swedish)

*Referens: Influencer Marketing For Dummies, John Wiley & Sons, 2015

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