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Four questions to Jan Altersten, CEO Arvato Financial Solutions

Disruptive technologies and a war on talents, just 2 challenges companies in the financial services industry will surely face in 2021. What to expect from market developments as well as from Arvato Financial Solutions – a personal interview from Jan Altersten, CEO Arvato Financial Solutions.

1.What mega trends and drivers have the biggest impact on the industry and what are derived challenges? 

Software is eating the world. The biggest megatrend is clearly how disruptive technology continuously is changing the entire market landscape with user obsession at the core. Established players, and constantly increasing number of aspiring disruptors, are trying to tap into the change, some even through attempts of creating whole new ecosystemsMany players are still in their baby shoes, and value creation in some cases is yet to be proven, but the speed is tremendous. This leads to a war on talent, where most companies are fighting for the same skills, making the importance of a diverse and vibrant company culture with clear objectives and empowered teams more relevant than ever. 

2.What was the biggest learning from 2020? 

In 2020 we learned that the hardship of working from home is not mainly about technical equipment, software access or the ability to do the job in the same way as from an office. We do not primarily miss a working place, but a meeting place. We learned how crucial our H2H interactions with colleagues, partners and clients are for our wellbeing and our creativity. The dynamics created in the IRL interaction can only partially be replaced with digital tools. But we also learned how much resilience, care and ambition our organisation (and our societies) harbour also under pressure. We learned how much value we as a team are able to create for clients and consumers despite of the pandemic. Several learnings will be applied permanently, for instance a much more flexible attitude to work from home. 

3.What are your plans for the Arvato Financial Solutions in 2021? What could clients expect? 

Our clients can expect an array of activities solely aimed to create value for their customers, just as they rightfully expect from us. We are launching new features such as user centric apps and updated customer portals allowing individuals to take control over their financial situation. We will continue to provide data-driven insights helping our clients to further enhance their end-customer journey. We will continue to invest heavily in new and enhanced products expanding our offerings across borders, industries and user groups.  

4.What are the three top reasons why clients should choose Arvato Financial Solutions? 

Our promise is to make complex easy, to be a trusted partner and to serve as the backbone for the growth of our clients. We have thousands of co-workers every day walking the extra mile, pouring all their skills and passion into making those promises become true. And as a company we back them up with massive investments providing an environment where we shape the future together with clients, partners and consumers. Why should they work with someone else?