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Financial Solutions
07 Mar 2016

Get the solutions you deserve

… The services you demand, and the intelligence you need

In our experience, there’s no such thing as one size fits all – at least when it comes to payment and financial solutions. At arvato, we work with companies of all sizes and industries, and I’ve long been convinced that one of our greatest strengths is that we are constantly adapting our services to their specific needs. And believe me that can be quite a challenge when they grow as quickly as Sweden’s biggest home service broker ServiceFinder.

An online marketplace that matches consumers with tradespeople and providers of household services, ServiceFinder came along at just the right time in Sweden. The introduction of tax breaks for home renovation and domestic services has created a buoyant market, with ServiceFinder fortunate enough to get in on the ground floor. The bigger the company got, however, the more time it spent chasing up payments. Which is where we came in, of course.

We have been working with ServiceFinder for eight years now and are the only one of their partners to have lasted the pace, so I guess we must be doing something right. We’ve had some growing pains but that’s half the fun because it pushes us to develop our services, too. What started out as a small com­pany with a big need for help in invoicing and financing now wants to give its customers, many of which are small businesses that don’t have any experience or expertise in debt collection, bailiffs and so on, the opportunity to collectively make use of our financial services – ser­vices they would otherwise not have access to.

Finding the right financial solution – whether it is invoice administration for ServiceFinder or taking over the whole invoice flow including financial risk – is vital. But it is also important that companies get access to the business intelligence and insights that flow from their payments and purchase data.

Every time we start working with a client, we make sure they get access to these insights and this data. It’s all about helping our clients improve their businesses, and the way they work with their own customers. (You can read more about how work with this business intelligence and the benefits for our clients in our latest arvato Insights report.)

This transparency and openness is another advantage our clients get from working with arvato Financial Solutions. Surprisingly, not everyone is so open with the data they get from their payment systems.

These insights are so valuable that we are working constantly on improving our business intelligence reports, to make them better, easier to use and more flexible, to meet our customers’ needs. Data is just figures if you don’t turn it into insights. And that is what we do.

– Daniel Ryttare

Business Area Manager, arvato Financial Solutions Sweden


Read more about the cooperation between ServiceFinder and arvato here

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