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Financial Solutions
04 Sep 2017

Got your free guide to cross-border e-commerce yet?

Don’t get left in the shade

No doubt many of you were thinking of going cross-border this summer – and not just on holiday.

Hundreds of you have signed up for our free guide to cross-border e-commerce, with almost 500 downloads already. But if you spent most of your time on the beach, it’s not too late to check out the Arvato Payments Review for essential insights into payment methods, consumer behaviour, and risk and fraud in 14 of the world’s hottest e-commerce markets.

Mixing facts and figures with in-depth commentary and analysis, the Arvato Payments Review sheds light on what you need to succeed. Each country guide looks at key business indicators, as well as market demographics, trends and regulatory requirements. We also take a closer look at consumer behaviour and expectations around shopping, deliveries and returns, preferred local payment methods, and risk and fraud prevention. You can even compare markets to see how they stack up against each other.

What’s more, on our website you will find Arvato experts sharing their insights in videos and essays examining the report’s findings, with Jan Florian Richard on the benefits of adding alternative payment methods to your checkout; Johan Rönnermann on the forces shaping consumer behaviour and the role of payments in the 360-degree brand experience; and Robert Holm on the importance of balancing convenience with security and risk in fraud management.

As consumers we take it for granted that the world is our shopping basket, with seemingly no limit to what we can buy or where we buy it. But for retailers the reality is somewhat different. There are all sorts of barriers you can come up against when expanding your ecommerce business, whether financial, cultural or legal. Make sure you get the lay of the land before making your next move.

Download the report now.

Karsten Stracke

– CMO, Arvato Financial Solutions Nordics


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