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Financial Solutions
05 Oct 2017

How AfterPay pays off for your brand

Stay top of mind, and on top of the competition

Sorry to keep you waiting.

To recap quickly: we were talking about how your brand is being anonymised as aggregators shift consumers’ focus and loyalty to price and availability; how an increasingly crowded marketplace makes gaining new customers more expensive than ever; and how fierce price competition means finding new ways to build loyalty.

So what’s the solution? These days you can’t afford to think of payments as just about driving conversions; they are a vital part of improving your brand perception and creating a better all-round consumer experience. AfterPay does just that. It offers your customers all the flexibility of pay-after-delivery and keeps them coming back for more. Not only can they pay when and how they like, it keeps your brand top of mind by reminding them of what they bought and who they bought it from, strengthening your relationship with them long after they have left checkout. All communication – including inside the customer portal and invoices and receipts – highlight your brand, not ours.

AfterPay also provides you with insights and business intelligence that fit with your digital ecosystem. Going back four or even five years ago, you had your CMS, e-commerce platform, payment provider, and fulfilment/warehouse management system. Now you have a mobile app, loyalty automation platform, retargeting platform, and more besides. Unlike some other payment providers I could name, we make sure you get more bang for your marketing buck by sharing information on your customers’ payment behaviour that you can use to target your media spend more accurately. The data from AfterPay integrates straight into Google Analytics, making your marketing simpler and far more efficient.

And AfterPay supports new customer retention strategies and business models such as subscriptions and recurrent billing. Another challenge stemming from the growth in cross-border shopping is that cards are being replaced much more frequently for security reasons: AfterPay is the perfect fail-safe alternative for existing card subscription services that are seeing an increase in failed transactions due to lapsed cards or insufficient funds. We send them an invoice and you get your money immediately. Johan

When people ask me about our roadmap for 2018, this is where I tell them payments are heading. We know we’re on the right track because we’re already taking some of the world’s biggest e-commerce companies in this direction. Give me a call to find out how partnering with us can pay off for your business.

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Johan Rönnerman

– VP of AfterPay, Arvato Financial Solutions


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