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18 May 2017

How to get ahead in cross-border e-commerce

Arvato Payments Review now available online

The beauty of shopping online is that you can buy whatever you want, whenever you want, from wherever you want. When you sell online, you have the opportunity to reach customers far beyond the confines of your own city or national borders. There are millions, maybe billions, of people out there who want what you are selling.

But how do you know what they are looking for? How quickly do they expect you to deliver? How do they want to pay? Are they even prepared to buy from an international site?

These were some of the questions we decided to address with the Arvato Payments Review, an invaluable source of information and insights for retailers looking to expand into new markets.

Because even if the world is a global marketplace, the way people shop and pay online can vary dramatically, even between neighbouring countries. Accepted practice in one market can be taboo in another. Neglect a favoured local payment method, and you risk losing up to 40% of your customers to a competitor.

The Arvato Payments Review gives you a window into 14 of the world’s most vibrant e-commerce markets. As well as providing important demographic and financial data on each country, the review focuses on three key areas from a cross-border perspective:

  • Payment Methods, including local payment heroes you must have in each market, and the optimal mix of payment methods;
  • Consumer Behaviour, examining factors such as mobile adoption, delivery expectations and return rates;
  • And Risk & Fraud, identifying the key risks in each market, and the best ways to protect your business.

You can even compare multiple target markets in a range of key parameters.

With hard facts from more than 200 independent sources, along with informed analysis from our own experts, the Arvato Payments Review should be your first stop when you decide to take your business beyond your borders.

Bon voyage.


Karsten Stracke,

– CMO, Arvato Financial Solutions Nordics

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