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It pays to park your invoicing with us

No tickets, admin or risk. Just better cash flow.

As I mentioned in my first blog the new parking rules and regulations now in force in Norway are good news for drivers – they simply drive in, drive out and pay later.  But what’s less widely publicised is that it’s also good news for parking operators looking to make their operations more efficient.

Yes, you have to provide your customers with the option of paying by invoice, but that doesn’t have to drive up your administration costs. If your customers sign up with us, we can make it more profitable for you in the long run by taking on all the risk and helping you find new ways to increase your profits.

With automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) technology, visitors who don’t pay on-site or online receive a paper invoice. That’s all well and good for the occasional visit, but if you use car parks regularly the paperwork can quickly pile up. As can the administration fees – for all parties.

A much more convenient solution, for both you and your customers, is monthly invoicing by email – a service that only Arvato provides in Norway. With consolidated invoicing, we take care of all the administration from licence plate identification to charging, billing and collection. And drivers get a better all-round experience.

If I have a company car, for example, it is much easier to claim back my expenses if I receive an invoice showing me where and when I have parked the previous month. After all, if you put it on a credit card you have to pay out of your own pocket first and then claim the money back. And it saves your accounts department the hassle of collecting receipts.

Invoicing your customers by email also creates new marketing opportunities, providing a space to advertise your services and keep them up to speed on the latest news and deals. And because we can tell you when they park, how often they park and how long they park for, you can tailor your offers, with your website only a click away if they want to find out more.

From freeing up the resources spent on admin to making sure the money ends up in your account, we make it easier for you to run your business more efficiently and profitably. We lower your costs and take on all the risk, financing your invoicing so you have the cash to reinvest in your business. And given our expertise in parking tickets and debt collection, you can rest assured that your customers are in good hands.

All you have to do is put the ANPR camera up and let your customers drive through. We will take care of the rest.


Karl Otto Aam,

Senior Vice President Collection and Financial Services, Arvato Financial Solutions Norway & Denmark

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