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29 Jun 2016

It’s our third year and we’ve hit the ground running!

… arvato hosts startup events in Tallinn and Madrid

It’s hard to believe we’re already in the third year of our partnership with the Startupbootcamp FinTech acceleration program – although they do say that time flies when you’re having fun! Without a doubt, the talent we’ve seen so far has never failed to impress and what’s more exciting is that our two most recent scouting events have continued to surpass expectations (you’ll read more about some of these talented people later in the blog).

Talent Quest
The purpose of Startupbootcamp FinTech in London is to give young, promising businesses the chance to grow quickly with the support of mentors and partners from the industry. So how do we go about finding these businesses? Well, this is the part we love. Each year the program’s partners (such as ourselves) host a local event inviting teams along to participate and pitch their ideas.

The end result? We identify the best 10 startups to take part in the yearly startupbootcamp program in London.

As one of these partners we’ve very recently hosted our two local scouting events: the first held in Tallinn, Estonia, at the beginning of June and the second held in Madrid on Tuesday of last week.

Young, IT-savvy And Fully Digitalized
In Tallinn, we strategically held our first event in tandem with a start-up conference event, Latitude59, meaning loads of industry experts and teams were already around to meet and discuss their ideas. It quickly became obvious that the Estonian framework really supports the development of young, game-changing companies. Besides a young and IT-savvy population the government is fully digitalized which makes it easier for start-ups to comply with regulatory requirements. Following that, the quality of the start-ups was of an extremely high standard.

On The Fast Track In Madrid
Teaming up with other relevant events has proved a really great strategy for getting access to larger pools of talent. So following on from the positive experiences of the past, we hosted our Madrid event in combination with Fast Track, a major technology-conference.

At the event, Francisco Lorca, the Managing Director of Startupbootcamp, spoke on the intent of the program and the current status of FinTech. Next, 10 start-ups were invited to pitch their businesses in front of 15 mentors and experts.

And The Winners Are…
We’re excited to talk about one of the most promising start-ups we selected for the shortlist to the acceleration program; Akiba, which is a modern lending-circle.

During his pitch, Alex Berthaud, CEO and Co-Founder at Akiba, explained how lending-circles are different around the world and their idea for bringing the concept into the 21st century.  What was really exciting was the product was actually going live as he spoke at the Spanish Bertelsmann head-office.

Akiba is targeting emerging markets and millions of people without access to credit, and it is because of this we found Akiba to be a particularly inspiring idea. We’ve already begun partnership discussions in order for us both to leverage capabilities and expertise.

Watch This Space
We can’t give everything away just yet, but make sure you stay tuned for more updates on the emerging talent we’re proud to be involved with!

Lennart Swoboda
Corporate Development, arvato Financial Solutions Germany

Lennart Swoboda, since 2013 Consultant at Corporate Development dealing with aFS strategy, M&A and Innovation.
Became Fintech evangelist in 2014 and the contact person for our Fintech Partnerships Startupbootcamp and Mastercard StartPath.
Furthermore he believes that blockchain is a tool rather than value proposition and financial democratization will dominate the 21st century FinTech scene.



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