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Financial Solutions
23 Feb 2016

Know your customer

On the data trail of the 21st-century consumer

Last week arvato attended the easyFairs e-commerce trade show in Oslo, both as sponsors of the e-commerce stage and to talk about our own digital payment solution AfterPay.

This year the e-commerce stage was more popular than ever, with a 22% increase in visitors compared with 2015. Clear evidence, if any was needed, that online retail is where its at in the Nordic region. And if one message kept coming through loud and clear, whether it was identifying trends in customer behaviour or doubling sales with SEO, it was this: know your customer.

Erik Storm of Synlighet, which specialises in digital business optimisation and marketing, kicked things off with a crash course in Google AdWords, giving all sorts of tips on how companies can use it in their digital strategies.

Tina Rødahl, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Manager at Opera Mediaworks, explained how to use content to stand out in LinkedIn’s B2B social network, with companies seven times more likely to be viewed if they posted content.

And Tor Magnus Kolflaath, Managing Director at Inbound Group, focused on the new trend in inbound marketing as a cost-effective alternative to advertising campaigns.

We, meanwhile, launched our new arvato Insights report on Business Intelligence. The report showed how purchase and payment data can help companies better understand their customers, and it explained how these insights improve the overall customer journey. increasing sales and customer loyalty. You can get your copy of the report here.

At the risk of repeating myself –but it is worth repeating are that all of these presentations had one thing in common: know your customer. Our data-driven business intelligence is key to that. It will give you insight into who they are, what they want, and when they want it. And that’s what it’s all about.

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