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Financial Solutions
01 Apr 2016

Looking for the next generation of fintech stars

… Sponsorship of Startupbootcamp part of our search for the best

Here at arvato Financial Solutions, we always aim to deliver reliable services throughout the entire customer journey, as well as across a broad range of industries. We’re also consistently striving to provide the best offerings for our customers.

We often find these offerings as a result of collaboration and learning, so this year we’re sponsoring London’s Startupbootcamp Fintech, a programme that helps shape new ideas into thriving business through access to a vibrant market for fintech companies.fin-tech-trends-report

Startupbootcamp, in co-operation with PwC, has also just released a report that accurately describes many of our beliefs here at arvato in the Nordics. The fintech report confirms some of the industry obstacles we had expected, but also highlights the huge potential of new opportunities and developments available to financial services providers.

Here are my three key takeaways:

  1. Corporates are still struggling to work with fintechs:

Somehow, this is not surprising. However, I believe success can be realised by large financial corporations and startups working together. Fintech companies are often built on a very different perspective: the application of customer and mobile-centricity in product development, operational processes and effective communication is their daily ambition.

For us at arvato, we strive to benefit from the powerful combination of trusted corporate processes injected with fresh new perspectives. At many points in the product lifecycle, there is the opportunity for sustainable change in old habits. It’s not the unicorn approach, but a fundamental shift in industry habits.

  1. Remote mobile payment solutions based on NFC are heading towards a market standard

This is another belief we share at aFS. The use of mobile payment solutions is key for the future success of the payment industry. This must also be based, however, upon a sound technological foundation. Stay tuned to hear more news around our ambition in this field!

  1. KYC – Know Your Customer

Understanding your customer is a critical component for any business, but especially so in the payment industry. The combination of reliable, secure and trusted payment platforms, in combination with user profile data, is fundamental for future growth and prosperity as a financial services provider. As such, we always work in close co-operation with our clients around customer data and insights.

Finally, transparency and a solid, evolving BI (business intelligence) programme is central to our ambition here at arvato Financial Solutions, as my colleague Brett wrote the other week.

– Karsten Stracke

CMO, arvato Financial Solutions Nordics

Read the report here


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