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05 Oct 2016

Moods of Arvato: a seminar on Success

Yet another inspirational, personal and insightful Arvato seminar shared with our customers and partners.

Wow! Yet another inspirational, personal and insightful Arvato seminar shared with our customers and partners. And as always with these events, our primary aim was to unite, be inspired and be entertained.

At our seminar held on September 29th, the recurring theme throughout the day was Success. This time round, speakers at this annual event were more encouraging than ever. They were brutally honest, they were enthusiastic, and they shared their insights on a whole range of subjects.

We also had the opportunity to back up our key message from last year’s event: that we are a partner with a difference – one that, besides being a traditional finance BPO service provider, can help our partners and customers grow through innovation.

I was delighted that Marius and Øyvind could present the latest state-of-the-art products we’ve brought to the market (RISE, AfterPay and AfterPay Fast Track  I’ve been equally thrilled with all the positive feedback we’ve received since the event.

The underlying message was clear: challenge us with out-of-the-box thinking and we will support you with fresh insights and pioneering ideas within our industry.

Christer Pettersson, Head of E-commerce at Arvato Financial Solutions Sweden, advised us on how to become a content marketing expert in 20 minutes. Important stuff. Content marketing is everything on your website other than product information: all the tips, advice and inspiration that creates loyalty, generates more traffic and brings new customers.


Karl Munthe-Kaas presenting Kolonial.no’s success

Karl Munthe-Kaas, founder of Kolonial.no, shared the vision that led to the ever-growing success of his online food retailer. He started with a fitting quote from Clayton M. Christensen, a leading expert on disruptive innovation: “A disruptive innovation makes a product or service so much more affordable and usable, that a much larger population has access to it.” He gave us a glimpse of the growing e-food industry, the importance of the customer experience, the competitive price structures and the ever-present challenge of costs and logistics. In the end, his message was clear: innovation is not an idea, it’s a lean process; measure it, learn it, build it – repeat.

And apparently we eat more healthily (fish, fruit and vegetables and the like) by buying our food online. I didn’t know that, but naturally it’s wonderful news… as is the ultimate convenience of being able to buy it using AfterPay.

Next on stage was Kathrine Aspaas, author, journalist and public speaker, who addressed the topic of Finance and Emotions. She shared with us her understanding of the ongoing emotional revolution, which she thinks will colour the future development of our daily business lives. It’s all about good relations and collaboration, creating positive experiences and bringing about results for all parties concerned. Kathrine offered a nice blend of wonderful melodies and inspiring lectures. And yes, we will follow up on her request to change the colour of the parking ticket from yellow to pink. For parking is, as we know, an industry filled with emotions.

Vibeke Skofterud impressed us with her personal story, having enjoyed an exceptional career as one of the world’s top cross-country skiers. Vibeke’s professional career kicked off early, well before others in her age group. Vibeke told us she was different from the rest of the national team, and that she didn’t cope very well with the rigid setup. A management team trying to treat all individuals equally, with the same rules for everyone, held her back, and with added pressure from within and from the media, she found it tough going for many years. Nevertheless, when the management changed the rules, treating each person individually and placing the focus on the athletes’ performance as a team, she fought her way back, winning both Olympic and World Cup medals. Vibeke’s core message: Treat people individually. Work together as a team.

We then continued into the night, rounding off with a delightful dinner, boundless discussions, competitions and breathtaking entertainment.

Besides the record number of participants, it’s great that people found the event both inspiring and entertaining.

Roll on 2017!

Karl Otto Aam

Country Manager Norway



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