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Park & Drive: one partner for parking and payments

One solution for charging, billing and collection.

As anyone who has learnt to drive in a manual car knows it is not that easy getting behind the wheel of an automatic for the first time. It can feel odd at first (not having control over the gears) but it can also be liberating, leaving you free to concentrate on the road.

I imagine that the new parking laws and regulations in Norway have had a similar effect on car park operators. Now that car park barriers have had to come down, your customers can simply drive in and out. They don’t even have to pay until they get home. They can just wait for an invoice to arrive.

Although barrier-free parking is good news for drivers (removing obstacles such as queuing for a ticket at the entrance, the payment machines, and the exit) it makes a big difference to operators who still need to retain control of their operations and make sure they get paid.

As many of you know we’re already the largest provider of collection services for the parking industry in Norway. And we still do that. But we can also make your transition to automated payment systems that much easier. The new parking regulations require you to offer payment by invoice, with automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) technology allowing your customers to simply park, drive away, and pay later. But neither you, nor your customers, want the administration that goes with it.

We can make the payment process and the customer journey a whole lot smoother. Not only can we take care of all your ANPR invoicing, we can bill your customers monthly rather than after every visit. All they have to do is register online and the rest is handled automatically. No more paper or admin fees, just an email specifying where and when they have parked, how long they have stayed and how much to pay. If you sign up for our pay-after-delivery solution AfterPay, they can even pay how and when it suits them.

And we can see to it that you receive the money upfront, freeing up cash that you can pump back into your business.

The data we collect can help you make your operations more efficient and improve your marketing with invoices advertising special offers and promotions based on customer behaviour.

We also have a dedicated parking team standing by to deal with complaints or any other parking- or payment-related queries on your behalf.

That’s what we mean by one complete solution for charging, billing and collection. We are the only ones who can do this. And what’s more, we can do all of this anywhere in the Nordics.


Karl Otto Aam

Senior Vice President Collection and Financial Services , Arvato Financial Solutions Norway

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