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It pays to leave your invoicing to us

No fines, administration, or risk. Only improved cash flow.

Norway has come a long way with barrier-free parking or ANPR, as it is called in technical jargon. After four years of constant developments in technology and gaining an ever-growing market share, we are now rolling out a mature ANPR product in the rest of the Nordic region and in an ever-greater number of European countries.

Read about our first ANPR-partnership with APCOA Parking.

There’s a lot of talk about customer journey and how easy this solution is for consumers, but what’s not talked about as much is that there is also good news for parking companies, especially those looking to streamline their day-to-day operations.

Yes, while you as a parking operator need to offer your customers greater flexibility and new payment solutions, that does not necessarily mean you ending up with greater administration costs. As your financial partner, we can make your business more profitable in the long run by taking on all the risk and helping you find new ways to increase profits.

What is ANPR?

Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR technology) allows motorists to drive in and out without doing anything as they will subsequently receive an invoice. That means an end to parking fines and searching for the nearest payment machine. But a subsequent invoice sounds expensive, doesn’t it? For someone who parks a lot, this would mean really high administration costs, wouldn’t it?

Subscription invoicing

Not necessarily. If you use parking facilities regularly, we can offer you a range of subscription solutions or subscription invoices. This will provide you with a much better overall experience.
Say, for example, you are driving a company car. Recording expenses is really easy when you receive a subscription invoice detailing all your parking spaces for the previous month, rather than you having to save receipts for individual payments. This makes life easier both for you as a customer and for the parking company’s finance department.

Improved customer journey and greater profitability

Can you have it both ways, better customer journey and profitability, all in one?

If you chose Arvato Financial Solutions as the financial partner for your ANPR solution, you can free up your administrative resources and operate more efficiently and profitably. And for your customer, it couldn’t be easier. The motorist drives in and out without thinking about barriers or payment machines and pays exactly when it is convenient.

We know parking inside out and can refer to our longstanding experience with parking fee handling and debt collection in the industry. This means you can trust that your customers will be safe with us. All you have to do is set up an ANPR camera and let your customers drive through. We’ll take care of the rest.

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