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28 Nov 2016

Reinventing the wheel in parking

The drive towards a more responsible payment culture

This is our second blog post on the Norwegian parking industry. Are things really moving that fast, you might ask? Well, yes, they are actually. And for once no one is complaining.

On New Year’s Day new parking regulations kick into gear aimed at protecting motorists from cowboy operators. Public and private operators will now be subject to the same rules in a move that should also iron out any price differences in the market, with enforcement fees fixed at either 300, 600 or 900 kroner depending on the parking violation. Best of all is a five-minute “amnesty” after your parking ticket has expired.

But at Norpark, the annual conference held by the Norwegian Parking Association in October, it became clear that the industry is already shifting its focus from parking and enforcement fees to improved parking systems and payment systems.

From January 1st, you should be able to use a car park without having to take a ticket. You will just drive in, park your car and go about your business. And when you pick up your car, you won’t have to pay before leaving. As a result car parks have to be set up in a whole new way to make money, including new payment methods. And that is where we come in.

Paying by credit card or parking apps (of which, by the way, there will be a lot more of) will still be an option but drivers will also be able to register for monthly payments and subscriptions. Or they will pay after. Automatic number plate recognition systems, such as those used on toll roads, mean cars can be timed entering and leaving a car park with an invoice sent along to the address the car is registered to later.

As Karl Otto Aam wrote in our first blog post on parking some of the biggest parking operators in Norway are among our clients – and with good reason. We deliver flexible and innovative services with efficient processing of complaint handling, purchasing and administration of invoices, dunning, ledger management and debt collection that are in your – and your customers’ – best interests.

We are happy to be a part of this big change in the parking industry. This is the perfect example of convenience in every transaction!

Kristin Reklev
Sales Manager – Arvato Norway

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