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Financial Solutions
19 Apr 2016

Startupbootcamp: turn your great idea into a great business

… Nordic fintech start-ups get support from arvato

When it comes to start-ups, we in the Nordic region punch above our weight. Think Spotify, Skype and Rovio, to name just a few. Great ideas that led to great start-ups, which have changed the way we look at the world. Could you imagine a world without Spotify or Skype? I can’t.

And of course – it is impossible not to mention Klarna, whose success with their payment solutions is beneficial for the financial sector in general.

But having a good idea doesn’t necessarily mean that it will conquer the world. It takes a lot of patience, courage, perspiration – and financial support – to succeed.

We have been a financial partner for several start-ups in the Nordics. One is Sweden’s ServiceFinder, where we got involved almost right at the start, helping with financial and administration services. They have now grown to become the biggest household service provider in Sweden.


What is Startupbootcamp London? Click on Play to find out

Over the past couple of years, fintech has emerged as the hottest area for start-ups in the Nordics. And again, new Nordic companies are having a huge impact in our region and beyond.

Working with these sorts of fast-growing, innovative companies is enjoyable, exciting and inspirational. And challenging. We always have to be on top, constantly improving our services and adapting our solutions to suit their needs in a fast-changing world. Fortunately, that’s the way we work with all our clients. It’s the way we think all companies should work.

And because we like great ideas and great businesses, we are sponsoring Startupbootcamp London, a programme for fintech start-ups. Your company can get access to a proven acceleration programme, along with mentorship, office space, partner services and connections with potential backers.

There is still time to apply, so if you are a start-up, get moving! Applications close on June 26. We would love to see a lot of Nordic start-ups in this autumn’s line-up. Because good business needs good ideas.

– HB Nordström

Head of Sales & Deputy MD, arvato Financial Solutions Sweden


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