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Steady through the peak shopping season – Black Friday 2019

It has almost become a tradition for me to write about the highlights in Germany’s e-commerce sector. Every year, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the subsequent Cyber Week are days of peak consumerism – not just in Germany. And every year, these peak shopping days pose many challenges across the entire online order process for service providers, partners and the online shops themselves. With this blog post I would like to give you an insight into this year's numbers, dates and facts of the most consumed day of the year - or does the Cyber Monday cracks Black Friday this year? Read more about it tomorrow on our social media channels.

And it is of course relevant for us, too!

As I described in my blog post last year, for us, lots of orders mean an above-average number of transactions and return processes. We also have to quickly check countless orders using our risk and fraud solutions system.

What do the numbers say?

This year, on Black Friday, we had 1,336,188 transactions through our Risk Solution Services. Compared to 2018, when there were “only” 834,423 transactions, we are up to 60% only on Black Friday. For the e-commerce industry, we recorded a value of over 60 million euros in online orders. This is almost 14 million euros more than on Black Friday 2018. In addition, our risk solutions recorded the highest number of transactions not on Black Friday itself, as expected, but the day before: about 2000 orders were registered in one minute.

Time is decisive

This year, we were able to score with absolute certainty and capacity stability in the bulk of orders. On average, our customers received feedback on orders placed in their online shop within 720 milliseconds.  Despite the large number of orders, we were still able to check in real time and provide our customers with feedback on incoming orders. And even though Black Friday is officially over, we will still take over the return management for our customers in the next weeks, because one thing is clear: Not everything that is bought in “Black Friday Hype” is needed in the end.

PS: Tomorrow you’ll read more about the numbers of the Cyber Week and Cyber Monday!


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