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Financial Solutions
22 Dec 2016

Summing up 2016 – what a year!

What a year for payment services and debt collection. If one word summed up 2016 for us and our clients it was growth, proving once again that nothing breeds success like success.

In Norway, we announced several new partnerships with, among others, parking operator Europark, data communication service provider Broadnet, mobile payment provider Strex, online grocer Kolonial.no and hardware chain Jernia. In Sweden, Skin City and Akademibokhandeln are among our new clients.

We have also officially joined the cloud. Our purchase invoice service is now integrated into 24SevenOffice, a cloud-based ERP system for CRM, finance and accounting software, payroll, project management, time registration, reporting and travel expenses. By selling their invoices to us businesses can improve their cash flow, reduce their administration and minimise their credit risk, giving them the financial freedom and liquidity to develop their products and services.

Growth and innovation often go hand in hand, of course, and we are no slouches in that department either. A new predictive dialer introduced by our Norwegian subsidiary Gothia in Rørvik has been instrumental in getting through to your customers, greatly increasing our productivity and resulting in better all-round service and higher recovery rates.

Speaking of good customer relations, in Sweden we saw the launch of PreCollection service, an altogether “nicer” proposition than debt collection minus the fees or inconvenience. We have found that a quick phone call between the reminder and recovery process to help late payers settle their debt can do wonders for your relationship.

As you know convenience in every transaction is our mantra. And you’d be hard pressed to find a better or more fun example of that than AfterPay Fast Track, our instant-payment solution for entertainment and tourist venues that combines near-field communication (NFC) technology with payment after delivery. Using an NFC bracelet or other connected device customers have no need of cards or cash, while AfterPay lets them pay later, when and how they want.

Available in Finland, Norway and Sweden, AfterPay Fast Track has already gone down well with party-loving Finns after making numerous appearances at hard rock and assorted beer festivals, with everyone enjoying the speed and convenience of simply tapping their wrist whenever they want to buy something.

AfterPay meanwhile continues to go from strength to strength with an improved UX giving your customers even greater payment flexibility. It is also the first payment system to integrate with Google Analytics, allowing you to use your insights into their payment behaviour in your marketing and sales analysis. There will be plenty more on that in the New Year.

And on that note, and on behalf of everyone here, let me wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Karsten Stracke

– CMO, Arvato Financial Solutions Nordics

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