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Financial Solutions
  • 12 Feb 2018

    Insurers: There’s no reason to fear the EU GDPR

    The bad news first: Insurers are required by no later than 25 May 2018 to provide their customers with more extensive information than before about the transfer of their data, even in the case of credit inquiries and as early as the application process. We recommend a one-page information sheet or – if contracts are processed digitally – a link to the required information. The same applies to...
  • 06 Dec 2017

    GDPR is not just about compliance

    How did data protection become the words on everyone’s lips? The concept must have received more attention in the past year than the whole previous decade. Frankly, before the GDPR, the issue of data protection was not given much thought at all in most businesses. So, why the change? Well, the regulation’s draconic maximum fines have surely contributed – up to 20 MEUR or 4% of last...