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Financial Solutions
  • 17 Okt 2017

    Gesunder Start für innovatives E-Health-Care Start-up aus Stockholm

    Shot of a young hiker using her laptop while sitting on top of a mountain

    Egal ob in Deutschland oder Schweden, irgendwann hat jeder von uns einmal in der Notaufnahme des örtlichen Krankenhauses gesessen. Ob es sich um einen gebrochenen Arm handelt oder es uns am Wochenende schlecht ging und wir nicht bis Montag warten konnten, um unseren Hausarzt aufzusuchen – die meisten von Ihnen werden diese Erfahrung schon gemacht haben. Was auch immer der Grund war, es war...
  • 08 Mrz 2017

    Booming Swedish e-commerce – with challenges

    I was one of the curious attendees in place when the annual E-Barometer report was presented late last month – and as usual it gives some fascinating insights into what’s happening in e-commerce in Sweden. Possibly the only thing growing faster than e-commerce sales is interest in the report: the organisers had to find a new, larger venue to cope with the crowd. E-Barometern, updated every...
  • 24 Feb 2017

    Be seen more, sell more

    I’m just back at work after some intensive weeks finishing up my new book “Find Gold in Your Own Channels: Sell More Online – Without Buying More Advertising”. It should be coming out in May this year, and looks at how you can use your own channels to raise your visibility ­– and your sales. Now of course, I hope you all get your copy of the book. But if you can’t wait, you can...