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08 May 2017

The customer journey doesn’t end at the buy button

We all know that customer retention is cheaper than acquisition, but how does loyalty play out when it comes to e-commerce? How can online retailers avoid being reduced to price tags? The answer is to see the payment process as crucial to the customer journey.

I don’t know about you but I can’t stand grocery shopping. Chaos in the car park, endless aisles and slow checkout queues drive me crazy. Supermarkets often fail to take care of the customer experience beyond the checkout by way of the safe delivery of my goods with plastic bags that don’t split. Nowadays, I do my weekly food shop online but e-commerce only solves some of the problems I face as I do my shopping. Gone are the chaos and queues but it is just as important to nurture the customer experience beyond the checkout to keep people coming back.

The payment process is a crucial stage in the customer journey

Online marketplaces Amazon, eBay and Alibaba, along with hundreds of price comparison websites, are changing the way we buy. Retailers need to develop solid relationships with their customers to prevent them from making decisions based purely on price.

Customer journeys are complex processes with potentially dozens of touch points – each one putting the merchant’s reputation on the line. An often-overlooked stage of the customer journey is the payment process. When a customer clicks on the buy button, they enter a sensitive period of their relationship with a brand and need to be handled with care. A payment process that is at once clumsy and demands that customers share a lot of personal data can do more harm than good.

In contrast, a payments process designed with convenience in mind will encourage loyalty and support the customer journey beyond checkout. By making it easy for your customers to pay at their convenience you can keep them close and encourage them to keep coming back.

Convenience is a brand-building tool

Today’s busy, always-online customers like to pay for the goods they receive when and how it suits them. AfterPay is a pay-after-delivery solution that offers online customers full control of their payments, which gives them the confidence to spend more. They get a simple overview of their purchases, as well as the ability to adjust payments to suit their needs. They can choose to pay an invoice directly or in instalments. We work hard on user experience after purchase to make sure the merchant’s brand is top of mind throughout the payment process:

  • We include branded images in every purchase page to strengthen your brand and campaign messaging. You can even add product images that remind your customers of the great deal they got
  • myafterpay.com gives your customers the freedom to handle their payments and purchases
  • Your customers receive clear, positive communication via email or phone

One of our customers is Norwegian sports and outdoor clothing supplier Stormberg. Chief financial officer Ole Hasaas told us the reason AfterPay is the preferred payment method in their online store is that customers are offered an invoicing solution that meets their needs.


Sandra Larsson

“At checkout, when you choose to pay by invoice, you aren’t transferred to another website,” he says. “Nobody has trouble finding their way back to the online store, and the fact that the credit check is performed directly on the page also keeps the customers here with you.” Read the full case

Everyone selling online today needs to nurture the customer experience to keep people coming back again and again – even if they are not always the cheapest. Quite simply, the customer journey after purchase provides an opportunity for merchants to strengthen relationships and AfterPay is the payments solution that enables them to offer their customers a buy button not a bye-bye button.

–          Sandra Larsson, Quality Assurance, Arvato Financial Solutions Sweden

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