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21 Dec 2015

Top levels of service take commitment, dedication

Small-town life suited for true customer service

Working at Telenor for many years before joining arvato, I had the pleasure of visiting the Telenor offices in Rørvik several times. Every time I visited, I have been struck by the sense of Rørvik being a strong community, closely knit, with warm, friendly and outgoing people.

One thing I did not know when accepting my current job at arvato was that both companies have cornerstone businesses there. Telenor has its customer service, finance and accounting functions located in Rørvik, while arvato’s debt-collection subsidiary Gothia is also based there. This gives me the opportunity to experience Rørvik now and again when I visit our arvato office there.

Telenor and arvato are both companies that focus on creating value, professionalism and enabling growth. And both succeed in doing that.

So what is the connection between basing your customer service in rural Norway and succeeding in business?

arvato succeeds by having a great service level. And to provide that level of service, you need commitment and expertise. I think smaller, rural communities such as Rørvik are possibly better equipped for that.

One reason is time. Time is a scarcity for most of us. But I think that shortage of time is more of a problem in cities such as Oslo than in rural areas like Rørvik. Time moves more slowly when you are out of the city.

My assumption is based on my own experience: I get the same feeling each time I visit the place where I grew up, a small village in the Norwegian fjords. When time moves more slowly, you can drop your shoulders a little and breathe. It gives you the possibility to focus, to listen and to create value for your company and the customers.
The size of the community can also be a factor. People in smaller societies tend to stay longer in their jobs, and that sort of dedication can help companies build up and retain.

One factor for our ongoing success with Telenor is our ability to continue to deliver successful sales and satisfied clients. I believe that by being benchmarked by a company such as Telenor, a leading telecommunications company not only in Norway but on an international level, we prove our performance-oriented culture and demonstrate that we are experts at what we do.
We are proactive and focus on quality. These are some of the things I focus on when working with sales and communicating our strengths to potential new clients.

To quote our CEO Jan Altersten: “We understand that any customer who ends up in a debt collection system chose at one point to buy from you, and will want to do it again – if treated fairly. That is at the heart of our philosophy. We know how to treat people. We know how to get paid in a way that is good for you and your customers.”

We are proud of our strong collaboration with Telenor. Our goal is to have the same degree of satisfaction and collaboration with all of our new and existing clients.

– Jo Helge Grepstad

Sales and Marketing Director, arvato Financial Solutions Norway


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