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09 Sep 2016

We Emeet again

The first Emeet of the autumn was held on 7 September in Gothenburg in the newly constructed Park49, an office building housing the West Sweden Chamber of Commerce among others.

As always, the e-commerce conference attracted a large gathering of e-tailers of all sizes. During the day, there were opportunities for visitors to hear presentations, to discuss current topics within the word of e-commerce, and to share their own experiences with others.


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Emeet works in the following way: there are a number of pre-booked sessions on the agenda, but the majority of those held during the day are defined by the visitors themselves, who write a topic they want to discuss on a piece of paper, and then stick it up on the big wall where the agenda – known the “grid” – is posted. These included everything from how to promote growth and enter new markets to the choice of supplier and platforms and payment solutions suitable for B2B sales.

Arvato led two sessions on content marketing for e-commerce that were both well attended. It was clear that many e-tailers either already work with content marketing or soon will, and wanted to know more about how you can work actively with content to attract new traffic and new customers, and how to meet customers and create loyalty in social media channels.

It became apparent that many e-tailers use relevant and engaging content in their external marketing to draw new visitors to their stores, and that this works better – both in terms of the cost of Facebook advertising, for example, and the amount of new traffic you can generate – than advertising products and special offers.

If you were to sum up Emeet in Gothenburg in a single sentence, it would have to be: a great event with a big heart of its own where Swedish e-tailers get a proper chance to meet and learn from each other.

The next such event is scheduled for 20 October, this time in Stockholm. Arvato will be there, just as we have been at the previous Emeets in Helsingborg and Gothenburg.

– Christer Pettersson

Head of E-commerce Sweden, arvato Financial Solutions

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