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Financial Solutions
01 Dec 2016

Why we are doing the robot dance

There is nothing to fear and everything to gain from BPO automation

Imagine if all your routine tasks were taken care of, leaving you to focus only on the most important stuff, whether that’s looking after your customers or coming up with new solutions. I’d jump at the chance to use my time more productively, and looking around me I’m sure I’m not the only one.

The fintech industry has never seen so many threats (and opportunities) with digital wallets and crowdfunding chief among them, but here at Arvato Norway we have noted that robotic process automation (RPA) is coming, and coming fast – and with room for only a few players we are ready to boogie.

Marius Gylset, IT-Manager Arvato Norway

Marius Gylseth, IT-Manager Arvato Norway

Seen as a curse by some and a golden opportunity to outsource routine tasks and reduce costs by others, there’s no doubt that this is the future of BPO. We are already reaping the benefits of having robots in our workforce in the Nordics and across Europe and doing our best to pass that on to our clients.

With the technology earmarked for development by our CEO Fernando Carro, Arvato Financial Solutions recently launched its first RPA lab in Dublin. The lab will be a development hub for automated financial services in the areas of order processing, accounts payable, billing and debt collection, with access to consultancy, licensing and development resources.

Working closely with the Dublin office, Arvato Norway has now developed a proof of concept for one of the more humdrum tasks assigned to our customer services department: identifying, reporting and updating our own internal system and external databases on bankrupt companies. Essential information for any financial service provider and its clients, but a tedious process nonetheless.

The RPA team has provided us with the opportunity to “hire and train a robot to do the job 24/7”. But with the robot still having work time to spare, our colleagues in Oslo and Rørvik are now queuing up to hand over tasks across our value chain so they can spend more time on harder to replicate processes such as thinking and decision-making.

This will have a massive impact on the way that we handle processes in the Nordics. We will be able to work smarter, more efficiently and offer better services across borders. Having already worked closely with our clients at an RPA summit held in Dublin this September, we are eager to figure out how we can assist you even further.

The future is already here – and we can’t wait to show it to you.

Marius Gylseth
IT-Manager Arvato Norway


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