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09 Jun 2016

Woohoo: AfterPay + WooCommerce

… Simplicity and convenience are keywords when we choose our partners

Ever since we launched AfterPay, our payment solution for e-commerce, in September last year, we have continually worked to integrate AfterPay with big, local e-commerce platforms such as Askås, as well as international open source providers such as Magento, PrestaShop and OpenCart. All in the name of making it as convenient as possible for merchants out there to get started with e-commerce.WooCommerce_Afterpay

But we weren’t integrated with the world’s largest e-commerce platform, WooCommerce. That is, until now. For those of you who are not familiar with WooCommerce it is a free WordPress Plugin used by over 30% of all online stores to sell their goods. We are happy to say you can find AfterPay there too courtesy of a module developed by Krokedil, a production agency in Arvika that are experts in WordPress and WooCommerce. Simplicity is their catchword – and that is exactly what we were looking for.

When it comes to finding the best solutions it is important for us to collaborate with those who share the same values and provide the same support and service as we do. Convenience in every transaction is not only a tagline for us – we live and breathe it, and use it to drive everything we do, regardless of whether it is us, or one of our partners, who are behind the solution.


The founders of Krokedil

Personally, I am of the opinion that it is not necessarily payment service providers that are best suited to building the perfect checkout, but rather it is the e-commerce platform providers. A checkout should contain so much more than just different payment options and it is the providers that are able to continuously test and develop the best solutions. For instance, customers want to choose shipping and delivery locations.

What we can – and should – do though, is provide you with a safe and seamless payment solution from start to finish. And AfterPay does just that.

Now with summer here I intend to take some time off, but our developers will still be hard at work. There are a lot of exciting developments in the pipeline regarding AfterPay, improvements both for you as an e-commerce merchant and for customers of your web shop. We will be sure to keep you updated.

Have a lovely summer and see you in the autumn, well rested and raring to go.

– Christer Pettersson

Head of E-commerce Sweden, arvato Financial Solutions


PS: Our e-commerce breakfasts will continue after the summer. Our first guest is a prize-winning e-commerce merchant who really knows how to make customers happy and keep them coming back for more. Who is it? All will be revealed in August.

The new WooCommerce module and information on how you can start using AfterPay are available on WordPress.org and Krokedil.se:



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