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Financial Solutions
05 Dec 2016

You can count on us, Fernando!

Growth is the name of the game in the Nordics. Just ask our CEO.

You know the saying “all work, no play”? Well, it wasn’t quite all work when top management visited us the other week. Even though our Global CEO Fernando Carro is the boss of nearly 70,000 people, I think he would agree that it is hard to imagine a warmer welcome. Greeted by our cheering staff, a shower of confetti and the Abba song “Fernando” pumping from the loudspeakers, it felt like “Love Is in the Air” might as well have been playing.

Fernando Carro arrives at the Stockholm office in style.

Fernando Carro greeted by Jan Altersten and cheered by Nordic staff in Stockholm

The cause of such unbridled enthusiasm was our excitement at the prospect of being singled out as a platform for growth for Arvato and Bertelsmann. With this commitment comes the necessary investments and focus to enable it. I admit to feeling a twinge of pride when we demonstrated how we would live up to that mission. First we showcased the Nordics, covering trends in society, their impact on our business, and the effects of a vibrant fintech start-up scene. And then we moved on to two of our innovations: AfterPay, a pay-after-delivery system that you will be hearing a lot more about shortly; and AfterPay Fast Track, the contactless payment solution that seamlessly enriches the AfterPay customer experience. As for resources, we are adding new competence as you read to better meet our goals. Rest assured: growth is very much on the cards for your business and ours. Our only way of growing is to ensure that you do.

CEO of Arvato Financial Solutions Frank Kebsch on stage

CEO of Arvato Financial Solutions Frank Kebsch on stage

Fernando Carro with our Swedish country manager Dennis Blennskog

Fernando Carro in Varberg with Swedish country manager Dennis Blennskog

During the course of their visit to both the Stockholm office and our Varberg location on the west coast, Fernando and his team left no one in any doubt that the main objective for the Nordics going forward is growth enabled by innovation, love for customers and, if the right opportunity comes, mergers and acquisitions.

The positive energy in the air was palpable, as was the feeling that despite the geographical distance between us we are as close as ever in terms of goals, ambition and passion. Gütersloh is not as far away as it seems.

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1 Comment
  • Farid Tavos
    2017-01-10 17:36:24

    I have been following your blog and posts for more than a year and its very interesting to see how Arveto is leading the financial innovation in Nordic countries. Thanks for sharing your stories here, looking forward to more successful stories like AfterPay in 2017.