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Financial Solutions
12 Oct 2017

You’ve got me, so keep me close 

How AfterPay helps you keep customers like me coming back for more

I know it’s only October but my thoughts are already turning to Christmas. Well, the shopping side of it anyway. It wasn’t always this way. Christmases past used to be a familiar tale of feast and famine in the Vikner household. December’s pay packet would go on presents and all the trimmings, leaving precious little for the New Year. Like most Swedes all we had to look forward to in January was spaghetti and ketchup several times a week.

Or that’s how it used to be. It’s better now that I no longer leave my shopping till the last minute. Last year I went all in on Black Friday (November 24 this year) and got most of it done. To make my money go further I usually go to a price comparison site to find the best bargains on what I want. But they’re also great for inspiration and not-to-be missed deals, like getting my hands on the new X-Box.

A few clicks later and I have an inbox full of confirmation emails and a higher credit card bill than I’d wished for. I always spend more than I want to, because I can never resist a special offer. Sometimes I’m not even sure what I bought or where it came from, it all happens so fast.

Have you noticed that too? That shopping online just gets easier. I’m a bit conflicted about that. I like a quick and easy shopping experience, but my loyalties go unnoticed. I want whoever I’m buying from to know that it’s me. I want to see them going “Oh, it’s Patrik again” when I place an order. (I know it’s automated, but still…).

I’m sure I’m not alone here. Yeah, we shop around, and we still have our favourite stores or sites. But Black Friday only comes around once a year. What’s to stop me getting lost in the next Christmas rush?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, so I put together my thoughts on how retailers can take advantage of the ways consumer behaviour is changing. You can read my three concrete steps to building a stronger customer relationship here.

Why is this important? Well, between Google’s Buy Now buttons, AdWord campaigns and links from price comparison sites, it’s getting harder and harder to remember where I’ve shopped for future reference. I’ve had to resort to searching through my emails to try and find out where I bought what.

AfterPay puts an end to all that. Not only does it make it easier to pay the way I want, when I want, including by instalments if I’m short of cash at certain times of the year, I also have a complete overview of all my purchases and can see what I bought and where it came from.

We also share your customers’ payment data with you so it is easier to build up a relationship with them and retarget the most profitable ones. Perhaps you have hundreds of other customers like me, who would appreciate receiving emails and notifications alerting them to sales and promotions. Why should they miss out on what else you have to offer them?

After all, a customer isn’t only for Christmas.

Patrik Vikner

– Head of User Experience, Arvato Financial Solutions

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